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and fraternal circles, a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, and while assiduously delving into the numerous intricacies of Blackstone, Keener, Cooley, and various others of the acknowledged legal authorities, he very early made manifest those traits of mind and character which have since characterized his' career as a practitioner. He was admitted to the Michigan bar on June 22, 1905, thereby becoming entitled to plead the cause of his clients before the various state and federal courts of the commonwealth, though he did not open an office in Adrian until Oct. 5, 1905, At the present time he is the occupant of' a commodious and pleasant suite of offices in the Masonic build-ing, and in addition to enjoying a lucrative private practice he now occupies the responsible office of circuit court commissioner, to which position he was first elected by the people of Lenawee county in the autumn of 1906 and was re-elected in the fall of 19o8. Politically Mr. Bean is closely affiliated with the Republican party and has ever been as staunch and aggressive a participant in all affairs pertaining to the promulgation of the "Grand Old Party" as he has in the progressive welfare of his native city and county. He was an active member of the Republican county committee from 19o6 to 19o7; at the present time he is chairman of the Republican City committee, which position he has held since 1907, and since I906 he has been secretary of the Lenawee County McKinley Club. Fraternally Mr. Bean is well associated, being a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, the Lenawee County Bar Association, and other societies. On Sept. 5, 1908, he was united in marriage to Miss Louise Maria Mason, daughter of Charles J. and Emma A. (De Votie) Mason, of Vernon Centre, N. Y. Frederick H. Beland.-The old empire of Germany has contributed to the complex social fabric of our American republic a most valuable and appreciative element of citizenship, from which source the United' States has had much to gain and nothing to lose, which can not be said concerning the influx from others of the European countries. Of staunch German lineage is the subject of this review a scion, even as is he a representative of one of the sterling pioneer families of Lenawee county, which has been his home from the time of his birth. He is the owner of a well improved and productive farm in Macon township and is a citizen who in loyalty and public spirit is well upholding the honors of the family name. He was born in Macon township, Dec. 1o, 1856, a son of John and Catherine (Denniger) Beland, both of whom were born and reared in the kingdom of Bavaria, Germany. Upon their immigration •to America the parents settled in the state of Pennsylvania, whence they came to Michigan and took up their residence in Lenawee county in the early '5os• John Beland was a man of ambition and industrious habits, but when he came to this county his financial resources were very limited. He secured twenty acres of heavily timbered land in Macon township, and here he made a clearing and erected his primitive log house, which served as the family home for a number of years, within which he made definite progress in reclaiming his land to cultivation. Success crowned his arduous efforts and he eventually became the owner of a good farm of 140 acres. He was a man of unswerving integrity and ever commanded the esteem of all who knew him. His political support was given to the Democratic party and he was a consistent member of the Lutheran church, as is also his widow who survives him. They continued to reside on the old homestead farm until his death on Dec. 2, 1go1, when he passed away with the respect and esteem of the community which represented his home for so long a term of years. His widow continues to reside with their son, Henry, on the old

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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