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those of her husband in the beautiful Oakwood cemetery of Adrian. Dr. Vincent A. Baker, only a boy, assisted his father in establishing a home -in what was, at that time, nearly an unbroken forest. His early education was received in the public schools of Jefferson county, New York, later he attended Evan Mills Academy and subse-quently went to Watertown, N. Y., where he took a course in the Jefferson County Institute. At an early age he determined to make the practice of medicine his life work and when only eighteen years of age he began to study for that profession. During the time he was, at college he taught at night schools and finally graduated from the Syracuse Medical College in the spring of 1854, being en-gaged thereafter for two years as professor on Theory and Practice of Medicine in his alma mater. He then established himself in practice at Carthage, N. Y.. where he remained until the fall of 18Kq. During these years the young Doctor made a name for himself, and in 1859 was offered and accepted the professorship of physiology and physical science in the Metropolitan Medical College of New York City. For six years Dr. Baker filled this position with great credit, but in 1866, on account of ill health, a change of climate was advised and he came to Michigan, settling in Adrian, where he has since resided. In June of the year of his coming, he opened offices in the Metcalf block, which he has kept until recently. For some time he has been looking for a younger physician who would be capable of taking his practice and he has found the man he deems fitted for this position in Dr. Mart Hammond, a physician who recently came from Ohio, and is known as an eclectic physician.' Dr. Baker has seen wonderful changes and advances made in the practice of medicine during his long experience. Bleeding, blistering, emetics and the free use of cathartics, was the general practice in the early 5o's, but the innovation brought about by the new or eclectic school, of which Dr. Baker is a member, and the establishment of homeopathic schools of medicine, have worked marvels in moulding public opinion and modifying medical practice. This has to a large extent unified and socialized the medical profession. Dr. Baker possesses a gentle nature, but has strength of character, decisive judgment, and a .clear, comprehensive conception of every case presented to him for treatment. He is modest and unassuming and his worth has been heralded by his patients and friends rather- than by himself. He remembers the hard struggle he had to fit himself to battle with disease, and during his life has assisted thirteen young men to secure a medical education, not including his own brothers, four of whom were graduates of medical schools. Three of the Doctor's brothers practiced the healing art of medicine during the War of the Rebellion, two of them being promoted from the ranks ,to the important positions of assistant surgeons, and still another was detailed as a special detective in the secret service. All four are now deceased. Dr. Baker owns six acres of land in the city of Adrian at the foot of North Winter street, which he calls his farm, and is also the owner of one of the finest residence locations in the city, at the corner of Broad and Toledo streets, the very heart of Adrian.

The generosity of this man can only be realized when we come to the knowledge of the fact that he has $16,000 outstanding on his books for night work, which saps the energy and life of a physician, and an equal amount he has given to the public in addition to saving many lives. About three years ago the Doctor practically retired from active life to enjoy a respite from his labors, but is, still called upon to administer to his old friends and patients. When Dr. Baker came to Lenawee county Adrian was

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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