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time he returned to Ohio, but a year later again went to the Empire state. There he enlisted in Company G, One Hundred and Forty-first New York infantry, and saw active service with that regiment for a period of three years. After the cessation of hostilities he returned to Wood county, Ohio, and was there engaged in farming until 1886, when he determined to remove to Lenarvee county. He located on the farm he now occupies and has been most successfully and lucratively engaged in his calling ever since. In the matter of politics he S has been allied with the Republican party ever since its inception, but the only office of public trust which he has ever held has been that of school director, in which he served several years. Mr. Ackley has been married three times. His first union was to Miss Fannie M. Punches, daughter of Samuel and Fannie (Talbott) Punches, in Steuben county, New York, in 1852. Four children were the issue of this union, namely Jarvis, who died at the age of seven; Antoinette, who died at the age of five; Willard, who died in infancy, and Charlotte M. (Ackley) Martin, now living in New York state. The first wife died in 1864 and in August, 1865, Mr. Ackley married Miss Sarah J. Lee, the daughter of George and Sarah Lee. Four children were born to this second marriage. Edith (Ackley) Stickles lives in Wood county, Ohio; Frank is a barber in Cement City, Mich.; Nora (Ackley) Twining died Dec. 25, i8gi ; and Winifred (Ackley) Harris died in 1898. Mr. Ackley's third marriage occurred• at Bowling Green, Ohio, June 21, 1881, to Miss Phoebe A. Lee, born Aug. 23, 1850, the daughter of Thomas and Mary J. Lee. Mr. Lee died on March 23, 1891, and his wife on Sept. zo, 1883. Two children were the issue of this third marriage, Elza L., born Jan. 25, 1883, and Grace M., born Sept. 9, i8go. Elza L. married Miss Myrtle Lincoln and is a farmer in Adrian township. Dr. Josiah D. Alverson, the only veterinary dentist in the city of Adrian, was born in the township of Wheatland, Hillsdale county, May 1, i84-q.. He is the son of David and Sally Phenelia.(Alvord) Alverson, both born in the Empire State, where they were married prior to their removal to Hillsdale county in 1835. The father was a currier and shoemaker by vocation, but after his removal to Lenawee county followed agricultural pursuits to the exclusion of all else. He was one of the "Fortyniners" who became imbued with the fever for gold that swept the country about 1849 and went to California. He returned within two years and rejoined his family, which had meantime moved to Lenawee county. Both the father and mother died on the farm. Of the four sons and three daughters born to the parents Dr. Alverson is the only one now living in this county. He received his early educational advantages in the district schools of Madison Township and while still a young man became interested in railroading. For ten years he was a resident of Canada, going to that country when the Canadian Southern railroad was being built. Altogether he has served twenty-five years in the employ of railway companies, most of the time as a conductor on freight and passenger trains. In 1886 he began the practice of veterinary dentistry after finishing a course in the Chicago Veterinary Dental School. During the first few years of his practice he traveled through different counties and states, but of late years his home .practice has grown to such an extent that it has become necessary for him to remain at home and devote his time to his local work. During the Civil war Dr. Alverson was a private in Company I of the Eighteenth Michigan infantry and rendered distinguished and valorous service for nearly three years. One especial act of bravery and presence

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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