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Medina township, Lenawee county; Blanche Sarah is the wife of Craig Hyslop, of Morenci; Ralph C. resides at Huntington.. Ind., and Ernest E. is a resident of Grass Lake, Jackson county, Michigan, where he is engaged in newspaper work. Henry F. Bohn, who was born in Adrian on March 8. 1871, is one of the leading butchers in the city of his birth. He is the son of Charles and Mary (Greschow) Bohn, both born in Mecklenburg, German-, where they were married. The father served some time as a private in the German army, and also worked as a laborer before coming to the United States in 1868. After landing in New York the parents came direct to Lenawee junction, where they lived for a year before coming to Adrian. The mother died on flay 15, 1908. and the father now lives at 91 East Maple avenue. Of the nine children born to the parents five survive. Henry F., of this sketch, is the eldest; Charles lives in Adrian; Anna is the wife of James Allen, of Adrian; Christopher lives in this city; and Fred makes his home in Toledo, Ohio. All the children were born in Adrian and. received their educational advantages in the German parochial and the public schools. After the completion of his scholastic training Henry F. Bohn learned the -butcher's trade, in which he has since been continuously and successfully engaged. For eight years he was with Peter Spielman. and then engaged in the business under his own name at 93 East Maple avenue, which property he now on-ns. In the matter of politics he has always espoused the cause of Democracy and in 1903 was elected to represent the Sixth ward in the city council. In the spring of rgo8 he was re-elected to the same position, his colleague being Joseph Michael. Fraternally and socially Mr. Bohn is allied with the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the German Workingmen's Society. Reared in the Lutheran faith, he is today one of the most devout communicants of St. John's Church of that denomination. On Nov. 24, 1893, Mr. Bohn was united in marriage to Miss Mary Woller, a daughter of John and Ricka Droller, both of whom were born in Germany and came to the United States about 1869. Mrs. Bohn was born in Adrian and attended the Lutheran parochial and the public schools. 'I'o 3Hr. and Mrs. Bolin have been born the following children: Helen L.. lMeta, Elmira L., Elsie M., Irving ill., and Walter G.-the eldest now fourteen years of age. George Boulton, one of the prosperous farmers of Palmyra township, was born in Orleans county. New York, March 14, 1932, He is the son of William J. and Nancy (Kelly) Boulton, the former of whom was born in London, England, June 24, 1798. and the latter at St. Albans, Vt.. of Scotch parentage, in r8oo. The father came from Adelaide, Australia. to America in 1812. on board a British man-of-war, known as a seventy-four, and he and five others deserted as soon as the vessel landed at Quebec. I-le then made his way to the lower end of Lake Ontario, and at once enlisted in the United States service in the War of 1812. For a time after the warlie worked at Saint Catherine, Ontario, then went to New York, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits, and while there served as a captain in the New York militia. - In 1835 he moved west to Lenawee county, Michigan, and purchased the property where the son now resides, clearing and improving the same. He remained on the farm until his death, which occurred in 1886, just thirty years after his wife's demise. George Boulton's educational advantages were limited to the courses afforded by the district schools of Palmyra township in an early clay. When he was twelve or thirteen years of age he earned his first money by husking corn for Dan Bush, and with the wages he received he purchased a musket.

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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