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During the following winter he was employed in cutting wood, and for the next few months was variously employed in laying track, working in a brickyard and other occupations. He then went to northern Wisconsin and assisted in the erection of sawmills at Ithaca and Stevens Point, working in the pineries in the winter months. In 1855 with John Brown, the martyred abolitionist, he went to Kansas, and with that famous anti-slavery leader participated in the fateful struggle which determined whether Kansas should be a slave or a free state. In 1861 he returned to Lenawee county, expecting to make his father a visit of perhaps thirty days. 'It was' at the time that so many young men were hastening to the nation's aid at Lincoln's call, and he became imbued with the martial enthusiasm which was prompting the others. heeding his father's desire in the matter he refrained from enlisting at that tune, and remained with his parent until 1864. Then, being anxious to have some part in the great internecine struggle, he enlisted as a private in Company H of the Eleventh Michigan infantry, and served for nine months, or until the cessation of hostilities. After his return from Nashville, Tenn., where he had received his honorable discharge, he worked his father's farm for two years, and for four years immediately following operated a place which he rented. When his' lease expired there he purchased twenty acres of his father's original tract, cleared and unproved it and built a house in 1874. Subsequently he added twenty more acres to his original purchase and eventually took over the whole of the old homestead. He expects to make the place his home for the balance of his life, and has made all improvements with that end in view. At the present time he is living practically retired, one of his sons attending to the active supervision of the farm. While in Kansas he became the owner of two farms, but disposed of them before enlisting for service in the Civil war. Mr. Boulton's only fraternal or social relations are with the Palmyra Post, Grand Army of the Republic. Although he has strong Republican proclivities in the matter of politics he is generally independent in local affairs, exercising his right of suffrage in the way in which he thinks it will do the most for the betterment of the community. On Nov. 25. 1865, Mr. Boulton was happily married to Miss Sarah Ann Jacklin, born in Toledo, Ohio, in 18a.q., the daughter of Edward and Jane (Buff) Jacklin. Her father was born in Lincolnshire, England, and her mother on the Isle of Wight. They came to Ohio in 1844, and later to Adrian, where for several years he was a section foreman on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railway. Subsequently he purchased a farm and followed the calling of an agriculturist. His death occurred on Dec. 25, 1905, in his ninety-third year. His wife passed away several years before. Eleven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Boulton; Ella, the eldest, lives in Adrian; Margaret is the wife of Richard Polly, an engineer of Toledo, Ohio; Nancy, now living in Los Angeles, Cal., is the widow of Charles Patterson; Isabelle is the wife of Henry Wilnow, a farmer of Adrian township; William is employed in a freight house at Los Angeles, Cal.; Mary is the wife of Holloway Sawyer, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this volume; Charlotte is the wife of Elmer Parkhurst, a jeweler in Clayton, Mich.; George is unmarried and resides with his parents; Nelson is married and is engaged in farming near Quincy, Mich.; Grace is the widow of Albert Iserman, and lives in Los Angeles, Cal.; and James is in the United States marine service at Annapolis, Md. It is a remarkable fact that this very large family are all living and enjoying the best of health, which is unusual in this day and age of small families.

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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