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father's farm in Madison township until 188i, when he rented a farm near Ogden Center. In 19o4 he came to Blissfield township and since that time has been conducting the farm he is now working on shares. Mr. Brugger has been very successful in his ventures and has a lot of excellent live stock, which will rank well with any in the county. He is independent of party affiliation in his political relations, preferring to exercise his right of franchise according to the dictates of his own good judgment rather than at the behest of party leaders. He is of a deeply religious nature which finds expression in membership in the Free Methodist church. On April 20, 1874, Mr. Brugger was united in marriage in Adrian to Miss Anna Fletcher, born in New York state on Aug. 13, 1855, the daughter of William C. and Charlotte (Huntley) Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher were natives of the Empire state who came west to Holland, Ohio, in 1852, where they both died, the former in 1865, and the latter on Oct. 22, 1898.

Mrs. Brugger died on March 29, 1907, leaving besides her husband eleven children, viz.: Carrie May (Brugger) Sayers, born Jan. 21, 1875; Mary M. (Brugger) Piper, born March 15, 1876; Ida Estella (Brugger) Andrews, born Oct. 22, 1977; William H., born May 25, 1879; Minnie Myrtle, ~born April 6, 1881; Bessie Louise (Brugger) Ilahn,born April 24, 1883; Charles E., born March 25, 1885; John Adrian, born April 15, 1888; Arthur F., born Jan. 7, 18go; Ezra Daniel, born Jan. 22, 1892; and Stanley L., born Dec. 27, 1895. Lynn S. Brown, proprietor and principal of Brown's Business University of Adrian, was born in Adrian township, Lenawee county, on Oct. 26, i86o. He is the son of Samuel H. and Rhoda A. (Knapp) Brown, the former of whom was born in Salem, \N. Y., May 2, 1825, and the latter in Penfield, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1838. The father came to Michigan with his parents, who settled in Seneca township, in 1852, and subsequently removed-to Adrian township, and still later to Raisin township. The mother came to Adrian township with her parents in 1856, and was harried to Samuel Brown March 1o, 1858. Lynn S. Brown first attended district school and afterward completed a four years' English and Scientific course at the Raisin Valley Seminary, from which he graduated in June, i88o. During the following year he completed a course at the Detroit Business University, and then engaged in pedagogic work, first teaching, district school and later becoming principal of the commercial department in the Adrian High School, and filled the last named position for three years. In 1884 he founded Brown's Business University, of which more particular mention is made below. Mr. Brown is absolutely independent of party affiliation in political matters, and exercises his right of franchise as his con-science and judgment tell him is for the best interests of the community. On Oct. 7, 1893, Mr. Brown was united in marriage to Miss Clara D. Force,' daughter of John WWT. and Ella (Drake) Force, of Adrian. Three children have been the issue of this marriage, namely: Marjorie J., born Jan. 27; 1895; Basil L., born Feb. 2, 1897; and Dorothy E., horn July 1g, 1902. Brown's Business University, of which Mr. Brown is still the sole proprietor, had its inception on Nov. 1, 1884. At that time it began its work, as an evening school only, in a small room on South Main street, opposite The Emporium Department Store, the total equipment of the institution costing less than seventy-five dollars. During the first year there was an at of thirty students. The course prescribed was simply bookkeeping and writing. About the first of the following July much pleasanter rooms were secured over Waldby & Clay's State Bank, and day sessions were added, the subjects of spelling and arithmetic being added

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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