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to the curriculum. The matriculation continued to increase, so that the following year there was more than fifty students enrolled. The increase made it apparent that new and more commodious quarters would be essential within a short time, and a year from the following October the school was removed to the third floor of the Wheeler Block, which had been erected during the summer of 1886. The rooms were especially arranged for Mr. Brown's purposes, and' during the first year, in this new location, the old, chairs and tables were replaced with large, especially designed desks, and the rooms and equipment weree thus made to compare favorably with any institution of its kind in the state. Shorthand, typewriting, English grammar, correspondence and commercial law were introduced, and two distinct courses were formulated, those of shorthand and business. Each year the attendance has steadily- increased, until in 1900 it had passed the hundred mark, and it became imperative that larger quarters again be provided. It was determined that the school should have a building of its own and a plan was devised whereby funds were secured by selling special scholarships to the business men and others interested in Adrian and the vicinity. This plan was so heartily endorsed by the public-spirited men of the city that with the aid of the pupils, then in attendance, -the scholarships were sold, the building erected, furnished and ready for occupancy by Oct. I, 1902. The building is at 43 College avenue, and the arrangements and furnishings were all made with a view of facilitating and expediting the work of both students and teachers as much as possible. All the rooms are large, well ventilated and finely lighted, and the structure is heated by steam. It is about five blocks from the business center of the city and one block from the car line. Each student is awarded a handsome diploma upon the completion of his or her course. Standings are marked on the basis of 100 per cent., and in order.to pass a student must rank at least eighty in every branch. A Periodical, called The Brown Budget, is published in the interest of the school. The faculty of the institution consists of Mr. Lynn S. Brown, Mrs. L. S. Brown and W. H. Howland. Mr. Brown has been continuously engaged in teaching for twenty-eight years, twenty-four of the time as head of Brown's Business University. During that time he has had several thousand young people under his personal charge in the school room, and the majority of them are 'now occupying positions of trust and responsibility. His special branches of instruction are bookkeeping, science of accounts, penmanship, business ethics, business forms and customs and typewriting. Mrs. Brown has been actively engaged in teaching Graham shorthand for the past fifteen years, and has been remarkably successful. Many young ladies and gentlemen who were students under Mrs. Brown not more than three years back are now drawing salaries ranging from $600 to $7,000 per annum.

Mr. Howl and who teaches spelling, civil government, business arithmetic and rapid calculations, commercial law, English grammar and business correspondence. is an instructor of,more than ten years' experience, and is recognized as a teacher and disciplinarian of the first rank. Charles F. Buck.-This is the age of the man with initiative power, and there is room for him in every progressive business, however crowded it may be. Among those enterprising and able business men who are upholding the industrial and commercial prestige of Lenawee county stands the subject of this sketch, who is a native son of the county, and is one of the proprietors of the Morenci Roller Mills. He has made his advancement and won his success through his own efforts, and is well entitled to

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
Lenawee History

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