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James Cannon, an old resident and honored citizen of Blissfield, was born in that township July 26, 1844. He is the son of George and Ann (Saunders) Cannon, who were born in England in 1797 and 1798, respectively. The father was a carpenter by trade and worked at that vocation until 1837, when he sailed for the United States. After landing he came direct to Michigan, located in Blissfield township, Lenawee county, and purchased 8o acres of unimproved land. With the help of his sons he cleared and improved the farm, which in 1861 he sold and moved to Blissfield. There he died some ten years later, on Oct. 8, 1871. His wife survived him until 1883. Twelve children were born to the parents : Mrs. Harriet (Cannon) Fitch died in Deerfield ; Mark lives in Blissfield with his brother, James; Mrs. Rachel (Cannon) Cripps died in Blissfield; Frederick died in Blissfield in 1902; Benjamin died in Blissfield in 1862; Jessie died of measles on the vessel on which the family came to America; Joseph died in Kansas in 1902; Susan, now Mrs. French, lives in Blissfield; Eliza died when quite young; two others, twins, died in infancy, and James is the subject of this sketch. The last named received his educational training in the public schools of Blissfield township, finishing his course in 1859. For a short time he worked on his father's farm and then entered the employ of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad for two years. After severing his connection with the railroad Mr. Cannon rented his wife's grandfather's farm for two and a half years, at the end of which time his.father gave him 4o acres of land in section 15, Deerfield township. In 1866 he built a fine house and went there to live. Within a short time he purchased 4o acres adjoining his farm, the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 16. The deed for this 4o acres bears the government seal. Mr. Cannon conducted this farm until 1872. In that year he rented his place and worked as a carpenter for a year, -but early in 1873 returned to the' country, where he again engaged in farming. In 1888 he again rented his property and bought a home in Adrian. For six years Mr. Cannon worked as a carpen-ter in Adrian, where he helped in the building of many of the houses in that city. In 1895 he went back to the farm, improved the buildings and again followed the agricultural calling for three years, when he exchanged his property in Adrian for the r2 acres he now owns in the village of Blissfield. Mr. Cannon is a stanch and hearty supporter of the policies of the Republican party. On Dec. 15, 1861, he was united in marriage to Miss Helen Hickok, the daughter of Orlando and Aurelia (Drew) Hickok. Mrs. Cannon's mother died at Adrian in 1852, and was survived by her husband until 1876. Mrs. Cannon was born in Monroe county, Michigan, Oct. 5, 1845, and when an infant came to Deerfield township with her parents. There she received the educational training afforded by the public schools. One child came to bless the union of Mr. and Mrs. Cannon-Elsie, now Mrs. Brenot, of Blissfield township.

Mrs. Brenot, the daughter of Mr. Cannon, has two children, Leo and Gola. Leo married on March 4, I9og, Miss Edna Crane. Gola was married in 1907 to Fred Payne, a farmer of Blissfield township. They have one child, Mildred - R. Payne, which makes Mr. and Mrs. James Cannon great-grandfather and great-grandmother. James E. Cadmus, one of the representative agriculturists of his native county, has not found it necessary to protect his forces through the method of the mythological character who bore the same name of Cadmus and sowed in the earth dragon's teeth, which sprang forth as armed men. Rather has, the modern devotee of the great basic art of agriculture found it possible to sow the generot1s seed in its season and in due time to bring forth the kindly fruits of the earth for enjoyment and profit. Mr. Cadmus is a member of a family founded in this county in the territorial epoch of Michigan's history. He is a native of flacon township, where he was born on Aug. 18, i8Go, a son of William E. and Catherine (Vesselius) Cadmus, the former born in the state of New Jersev, June 5, 1799, and the latter in the state of New York, Jan. 5. 1825. William E. Cadmus became a resident of Macon township, this county, in 1831, and here was solemnized his marriage to Mrs. Catherine (Vesselius) Cook, widow, who had borne three children by her former husband, of whom only one is now living. Concerning the children of the second marriage the following brief data are given: Priscilla J., born Dec. 12, 1852, is the wife of Dr. Edward F. Chase, of Chelsea, Mich.; Clarkson, born March 4, 1855, died on March 2i, 1883; William A., born Aug. 17, 1857, is associated with the subject of this review in the ownership and operation of the old homestead farm; James E., whose name initiates this article, was the next in order of birth; and Agnes, born April 5, 1863, is the wife of Lewis Brown, of Jackson, Micll. The honored father was a blacksmith by trade, but after coming to Lenawee county he gave his attention principally to farming. He developed his land from the virgin forest, and was one of the sterling pioneers of the county. In politics he was a stanch advocate of the cause of the Democratic party. His wife was a member of the Reformed church. His death occurred on Jan. 9, 1891, and his widow was summoned to the life eternal on March 14, 1908.

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History of Lenawee County
published by The Western Historical Society in 1909. Book 1
Book 2

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History of Lenawee County
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