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Dr. Artemas W. Chase, M. D., one of the leading physicians of Adrian and Lenawee county, was born in Raisin township, Sept. 7, 1875, and is the son of A. 1V. and Mary E. (Smith) Chase, the former of whom was born in Raisin township. The mother first saw the light of day in New Jersey, but came to Michigan while still a child with her parents, who settled near Ypsilanti. The father followed agricultural pursuits most of his active life, but during the ten years immediately preceding his death he was employed by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and Wabash railroads. The mother died in i8go, and the father passed away some seven years later. To them were born three children, of whom the Doctor is the youngest. The eldest, a daughter, died in infancy, and Maud E. is now the wife of Frank Kelley, superintendent of the Monarch Fence Company of Adrian. On the paternal side Dr. Chase comes of a line that has done.much to bring Lena.wee county to its present place of culture and advanced thought. His grandfather, Rev. Levi H. Chase, was a leader in the advancement of Christianity in the county and was for many years a prominent figure in all movements that tended to the betterment of the people. Born in Providence, Saratoga county. New York, coming of a long line of sturdy Americans, noted for their strength of limb and mind, he came to manhood in the Empire State, married there Oct. 24, 1826, Miss Amia Haviland, and for seven years made his home on a farm in his native county. In 1833 he came to Michigan, making the journey to Lenawee county by lake and cross country traveling. On his arrival here he obtained possession of a large tract of government land, in sections 28 and 33, the .country at that time being an unbroken wilderness, and the nearest neighbor more than two miles away. Mr. Chase was a man of superb intellect, a great reader and a devout and earnest student of the Bible. During the long winter evenings he devoted himself to the study of the'greatest of all books and came to be known as an authority on scriptural matters. He had been brought up in the Quaker faith, but when he grew to manhood he joined the FreeWVill Baptists, and by his singular ability and fluency as a speaker and his depth as a scholar he won for himself an ordination as minister of the latter faith. As his knowledge of the Scriptures widened and his intimacy with the world grew greater he felt that to lead the true Christian life and to do the best good to mankind, a person must not be bound by creed, but should teach the Scriptures as nearly as he could thus understand them, in their most simple manner and literal sense. From year to year his influence broadened, and finding many converts to his belief he established with them a religious body which they denominated the Christian church. Its chief tenets were that for the remission of sins one must be baptized by immersion, that the ,world was to be purified by fire; and that life eternal and the presence of Christ were only to be known to the faithful followers of the Messiah. Rev. Levi II.

Chase departed this life at his home in Raisin township on Oct. 5, 1877, leaving a heritage of faith, which has ever done much for the inspiration of his followers. Upon the shoulders of his son, Rev. Levi C. Chase, fell the father's mantle, and for more than half a century he labored in the fields where his father had won honor. Born in Raisin township on July 17, 1843, his parents discovered that at an early day he exhibited that deep .religious nature which comes only to those who have a great mission to fulfill. After completing his primary educational work in the district schools be took a course at Raisin Institute. Upon being called to the pulpit formerly occupied by his father he took tip the work and developed it to its present high standard. His wife to whom he was united on March 14, 1864, was formerly Miss Sarah A. Coddington, a daughter of John and Anna (Dedmund) Coddington, of Adrian township. Like his father he was a deep thinker, a man of fine intellect and a close Bible student. Dr. Chase took his preparatory scholastic work in the Raisin Valley Seminary and graduated there with the class of 1896. Then he entered the Detroit College of Medicine, and in igoo graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He at once began the practice of his profession at Adrian and has been exceptionally successful in it ever since. Throughout the country he is known as a student of his profession and a surgeon of more than ordinary skill. Politically he is allied with the Democratic party, but has never aspired to public office. In fraternal circles he is also prominent, being enrolled in the Blue Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons, and is a major in the uniform rank of the Knights of Pythias. His professional associations are with the Adrian, the Tri-State, the Lenawee County and the State Medical societies. The Doctor belongs to the Church of Christ of Raisin township, and his wife is a member of the Christian church of Adrian. Both are loyal and willing workers in the Christian field. Dr. Chase's marriage to Miss Bertha J. Smith occurred April ig, 1900. Mrs. Chase's father is Francis Smith, formerly of Adrian, but now a farmer in the town of Rome. Mrs. Chase was born in Adrian and received her education in the public schools of that city,. graduating at the high school with the class of 1897. Two children have come to bless this union: Edith M., horn Jan. 27, igo1, and Francis L., born Feb. 11, 19o2. Dr. Chase has recently built a handsome residence at 61 B. College avenue, Qne of the finest residence streets in Adrian. He has offices in the new building of the Lenawee County Savings Bank. Charles A. Church, the junior member of the firm of Church Bros., one of the prominent manufacturing concerns of Adrian, was born in Seneca township, this county, three miles from Mor-enci, May 29, 1861, the son of Oliver and Henrietta (Stephenson) Church. His grandfather was Oliver L. Church of English descent; who lived in Seneca county, New York, for many years. He was a blacksmith by trade and moved to Michigan at an early day, when it was practically a wilderness. He conducted a blacksmith shop in Adrian for several years. Few horses were used in those early days, oxen being used in their stead, and his labors consisted chiefly of making shoes for those animals, also performing the usual work required by the patrons of a smithy at that time. Oliver Church, the father, was one of Lenawce county's pioneer settlers. He was born in Seneca county, New York, April 27, 1822, the seventh child born to his parents, and received the rudiments of a practical education in his native state. When only fourteen years of age he determined to seek his fortune on the frontier and with many other adventurous ones, who have paved the way for permanent settlement, came to the territory of Michigan and took up land in the township of Madison, Lenawee county. There he established a home in 1836. Subsequently he moved to Seneca township and located on section 27. Mr. Church had learned the blacksmith's trade from his father and followed that calling besides conducting his farm. He met Miss Henrietta Stephenson, of Seneca township, who was born in Paris, Oneida county, New York, in 1820, and they were married in Dover township, Lenawee county.

The father took a great interest in stock and became a heavy dealer in blooded cattle. He was a good business man, keen and far sighted, and met with well deserved success. Before his demise he became the owner of 32o acres of the finest farming. land in the county. Four children were born to the parents: Elizabeth, born in Dover township, died at the age of ten'; Andrew, also born in Dover township, is now a resident of Adrian, and senior member of the firm of Church Brothers, Lillie E., the wife of William II. Shierson, of Adrian, was born in Seneca township, as was also Charles A., the subject of this sketch. All of the children were reared and educated in Seneca township, and Lillie E. and Charles A. attended the Morenci schools after finishing those of the district. Charles A. Church, to whom this review is dedicated, returned to the country after leaving school and was engaged in farming until he was twenty-one years of age. When he had attained his majority lie went into the farm implement business in Morenci, in partnership with his brother Andrew. under the firm name of Church Brothers. As the business increased they added a manufacturing plant to their industry, making iron pumps, implements and handmade fence, and for this purpose organized the Church Manufacturing Company of Adrian. After some years they closed out their interest in that business and four years ago they built a factory on Center and Lawrence streets, and began to manufacture woven wire fence stretchers, wire splicers, fence erecting tools, pumps, cylinders and sprayers, under the firm name of Church Brothers. The business of Church Brothers is rapidly increasing and it is one of the leading manufacturing concerns in Adrian. The Church Brothers own zoo acres of land in Seneca township, which was of the old homestead their father owned. In politics Mr. Church is a Republican and as such has served as treasurer of.the village of Morenci and"of Seneca township at different times. He has acted as salesman for the business in which he and his brother Andrew are interested, as he thoroughly understands the goods manufactured and the demands of the trade. On June 16, igoi, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Church to Miss Adda M. Camburn, the daughter of the late Harmon Camburn, of whom a sketch appears elsewhere in this work. Mrs. Church received her education in the public schools of Adrian, her native town, and in addition took a three-term course in music at Albion College, after her graduation at the Adrian High School in 1891. Four children have come to bless this union: Elizabeth E., Edith II., Charles Andrew, Jr., and Robert Air., all of whom were born in Adrian.

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History of Lenawee County
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